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Very cool - liked how you were able to greate a Vampire atmoshere with pixel graphics. The feeding system and how it would impact power balance was cool. Will share this with my Vamp players

One note - on one area I was able to walk off the map (left side of screen). Character just disapeared - luckily he was able to get back onto the map easily and finish his quest successfully. Not sure I understood dread gaze - didn’t crash for me but I am not sure I fully got mechanic.

Hey thanks for checking out the game! (and sorry for the late reply)

Yeah, I missed one of the spots at the edge of the maps, unfortunately. About Dread Gazes: if you succeed, they will lower the opponents defensive stat for the next two rounds. Unfortunately, I failed to come up with a way that can convey this easily in a visually clean way.


I love the retro spin you put on the vampire theme! This little adventure is very enjoyable. I appreciated the kind of system you invented to establish the final outcome.

Sadly, every time I pressed "D" the game crashed, so I never got to try the dread gaze, but I liked it anyway!

Thank you so much! I'm sorry you encountered an issue, I haven't heard this bug from anyone yet. I'm glad it didn't entirely ruin your experience though!


It took me back to the good old days, loved to see a classic retro game in the jam, and it was executed in a very faithful way to the genre!


Lovely story, sound, visuals, well executed! My only complaint is that I would like to hold down the arrow key to move in a direction continuously, because constantly tapping it was giving me hand pain. I understand that you made it so, so that the turn based combat would work, but my hand pain is still not very happy about it, so 4/5 great game, would highly recommend :) 


Thank you very much and also for the video! You are absolutely right about the arrow key thing and I intended to fix it, but I as you mentioned, I was worried it would create usability problems for the other systems that rely on the game's turn based nature and that I wouldn't be able to resolve all design problems in time. Really sorry about your hand!


Loved it. Took my back to my Spectrum 48k days, I thought the idea behind it and the graphic style was excellent, great fun to play. I played it on my stream along with a few of the other submissions, I hope thats ok! Here's the link


I'm glad you liked it! Thank you so much for featuring it on your stream!